Tomorrow, Sunday 20 March, is the eve of Spring and female cycling will celebrate the arrival of the season favoured by cyclists with a double event; the eighteenth edition of the Alfredo Binda Trophy, the race which has been included in the calendar of the newborn Women’s World Tour, and the fourth edition of the Da Moreno – mini-Alfredo Binda Trophy, which will inaugurate the UCI junior women’s Nations’ Cup. The Da Moreno Trophy will start from Gavirate (Varese) at 9.15 and finish in Cittiglio after 66 km. Once the athletes reach Cittiglio, they will repeat the circuit from Brenta to Casalzuigno and Cittiglio five times, followed by the final 17 km through Brenta, Casalzuigno, Cuveglio, Cuvio, Orino, Azzio, Gemonio and Cittiglio.

The Alfredo Binda Trophy will cover a 123 km route, starting from Gavirate at 13.30. After a 5 km ride towards Bardello, the route returns to Gavirate, then continues on to Cocquio Trevisago, Gemonio and Cittiglio where a long 38 km lap will begin, passing through Brenta Casalzuigno, Cuveglio, Rancio Valcuvia, Cassano Valcuvia, Mesenzana, Grantola, Cunardo, Bedero Valcuvia, Brinzio, Castello Cabaglio, Orino, Azzio, Gemonio, Cittiglio. This will be followed by four laps of Brenta, Casalzuigno, Cuveglio, Cuvio, Orino, Gemonio, with the race finishing in Cittiglio. Tough points will include the Grantola climb in the first 30 km, the climb to Casale di Casalzuigno, which returns as a feature of the Alfredo Binda Trophy route, then the Orino ascent, 10 km from the finish line, which is included in the final four laps. (Photo F.Ossola)



7:00-18:00 Permanence – Race Segretariat opens
9:00-19:00 Press Office opens for accredited journalists
12:15-13:15 Presentation of teams and start signature
13:30 Race starts
16:45 (approx) Race finish, awards ceremony
17:30 Press Conference with the winner and leaders of the Women’s World Tour classification in the Press Office

live streaming
The Binda Trophy will also be live on the web on the website www.tuttobiciweb,
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The highlights of the Binda Trophy will be transmitted by RAISPORT 1, on Sunday 20 March at 17.00, with commentary by Piergiorgio Severini and Monia Baccaille.