Organiser, Mario Minervino could not have imagined a better Almar Trophy, Nations’ Cup U23, which has enriched the calendar of Cycling Sport Promotion. Gianni Moscon, Italian champion, was first to cross the finish line in Angera, beating a group of eight riders in the final sprint. The dye was cast just 5km from the finish line. Then it went to a sprint with Lorenzo Rota assisting his teammate. Moscon won his eighth race of the season in Angera: “I am delighted – said the winner – for myself and for the national team who worked well and controlled the race all day. The race did not begin well considering that lots of us were involved in the fall at the start”.

The race started in earnest when a group of twenty broke away, then they became twenty-five, until the last 50km. There were several attacks during the course of the race which kept the public on the edge of their seats. The deciding attack began during the last circuit when seven men were leading: Lorenzo Rota (Italy), Jeremy Maison (France), Evgeny Zverkov (Russia), Mihkel Raim (Estonia), Jonas Koch (Germany), Lennard Hofstede (Netherlands), Galym Akhmetov (Kazakhstan). They were then joined by Gianni Moscon (Italy) and Belgian rider De Plus. (Photo by Flaviano Ossola)

Ordine d’arrivo: 1. Gianni Moscon (Italia) km 180 in 3h59’58” media km/h 45,006; 2. Mihkel Raim (Estonia); 3. Lennard Hofstede (Olanda); 4. Laurens De Plus (Belgio); 5. Jonas Koch (Germania); 6. Evgeny Zverkov (Russia); 7. Jeremy Maison (Francia); 8. Galyn Akhmetov (Kazakhstan); 9. Lorenzo Rota (Italia); 10. Martin Laas (Estonia)