Several weeks have passed since the Alfredo Binda Trophy but the echo of the last edition, won by the World Champion, Elizabeth Armitstead, is still resounding. The event was a huge success with large crowds coming out to ensure that the double date in Cittiglio would not be forgotten. Both the elite and junior races (the Da Moreno – mini Alfredo Binda Trophy), which was won by French rider, Clara Copponi, were met with great enthusiasm in a region which is passionate about cycling and strongly linked to the figure of Alfredo Binda.

The public enthusiasm is due in no small part to the “big names and numbers” that were present on the weekend of 20 March. A record 28 teams participated in the elite race, while 21 teams took part in the junior race, creating another record. One hundred and sixty-five athletes took part in the Binda Trophy. They came from all continents and included two national teams, from France and Switzerland. In total, the following countries were represented: Australia, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Guam, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and UK. There were 119 junior athletes at the start line, including 5 foreign national teams (Austria, France, Lithuania, Slovenia and Switzerland), a mixed foreign team and 15 Italian teams. The following countries were represented: Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland and UK. Participants were super-qualified with twenty current champions holding world, continental and national titles present.

The race, which started in Gavirate for the first time, passed through 20 municipalities. To organize all of the necessary services, Cycling Sport Promotion put a platoon of 80 people to work; 80 vehicles were used, between motorbikes and cars, and 350 volunteers guaranteed safety on the roads together with 150 members of the police forces. One thousand badges were distributed.

From a communication point of view, the event was given impressive coverage. Fifty journalists, from web, TV, radio, as well as photographers and film-makers followed the race. RAISPORT 1 aired 23 minutes of footage straight away on Sunday 20 March, shortly after the end of the elite race and the same images were broadcast by 7 TV on the Sky platform, thanks to Photospeed Video Service. Two radio stations were connected with Cittiglio: Radio Due Laghi and Radio Number One, the official radio station of the race. To provide maximum information on the race, 200 guides were prepared and printed for the athletes, 150 technical guides, 1,000 brochures, 10,000 flyers, 7,500 leaflets and 40 press releases were sent. The experiment of live-streaming the event was a success with 6,615 visits during the races and a further 501 visits over the following days. Various videos from the day are available on Youtube, with almost 20,000 visualizations overall. Posts on Facebook have reached 2,339 contacts, the Twitter account @TrofeoBinda published 132 messages on Sunday 20 March with 245,286 visualizations (twitter analytics) compared to 127,043 on 29/3/2015 (the previous edition). Twitter followers went from 1,001 in July 2015 (Trofeo Almar Coppa dei Laghi U23) to 1,421 today. Monthly twitter visualisations reached 386,000 as opposed to 198,000 in 2015. This year the event had an Instagram account for the first time and photographs were sent throughout the day, interacting with twitter. A total of 85 photographs were posted with about 100 followers, contact with 215 users and 614 likes. Live web coverage of the event was guaranteed by as well as by the social networks connected to

This event in the Valcuvia region was also an excellent promotional tool for the area, with about 1,200 hotel nights over the week, staying in the twelve hotels selected by the organisers. At the finish line in Cittiglio, about 8,000 spectators were counted. They were entertained by 5 folkloristic groups.

Big numbers but perhaps the most satisfying numbers relate to another aspect: “the number of children involved in the “Pedala, Pedala in Sicurezza (Pedal, pedal safely)” project that kept us busy in the months before the two races – noted Mario Minervino, president of Cycling Sport Promotion – 1,500 children, all enthusiastic about cycling and their bikes. With regard to the two races, we managed to create an event that was appreciated both by the workers and the public, who were numerous at the finish line in Cittiglio and along the routes of the two races. By holding the event a week earlier than usual, the tourist season also started early in the whole area and we were able to showcase our strong points in all sectors. I would like to thank all the associations, companies and local administrations who supported us, as well as the police forces and volunteers. Without the precious help of all of these, it would be impossible to organise a competition of this level. Thanks to everyone and we look forward to seeing you in July for the Under 23 Nation’s Cup”. (Photo F. Ossola)

Thanks to Angelo Gaudenzi, the images of the event of 20 March last can be found at the following links: