French cyclist, Clara Copponi has won the “Da Moreno – mini-Alfredo Binda Trophy”, first date in the newborn junior women’s Nations’ Cup, today in Cittiglio. In the final sprint, Copponi beat a gang of riders who broke away from the group on the Orino climb, 10 km from the finish line. The first attempt to break away was in the run up to the finish line on the third lap, about 35 km from the start; Francesca Recchia (MX Dorica Amazzoni Cycling) gained a 5-second advantage on the group. At 50 km Lisa Morzenti (Eurotarget Still Bike) tried to break: her attack lasted a few kilometres, with a maximum advantage of 20 seconds. On the GPM at Casale, 14 km from the end, nine riders took the lead: Juliette Labous (France), Pauline Clouard (France), Maelle Grossetete (France), Evita Muzic (France), Susanne Andersen (Vaiano), Nicole D’Agostin (Wileer Breganze), Lisa Morzenti (Eurotarget), Elisa Balsamo (Valcar), Alessia Fruner (Vecchia Fontana). At the push of the French National team riders, the race heated up and the break became more concrete. The best riders left the group behind at 10 km from the finish line. In the last kilometre Lisa Morzenti (Eurotarget) broke again but she failed to hold her advantage at about 30 m from the finish line. In the sprint, French rider Clara Copponi (France) finished ahead of Susanne Anderse (Vaiano Fondriest) and Letizia Paternoster (Vecchia Fontana). The race that started at 9:15 covered a 66 km route from Gavirate (Varese) to Cittiglio. After the race reached Cittiglio, the athletes did five laps from Brenta to Casalzuigno and Cittiglio, followed by a final 17 km through Brenta, Casalzuigno, Cuveglio, Cuvio, Orino, Azzio, Gemonio and Cittiglio. (Photo Flaviano Ossola)

- Sprint intermedio km 21: Goossenaerts Chloe (MX Forza Fortuna Cycling Team)
– Sprint intermedio km 28: Marien Lynn (MX Forza Fortuna Cycling Team)
– Sprint intermedio km 35: Francesca Recchia (MX Dorica Amazzoni Cycling)
– Sprint intermedio km 42: Lena Mettraux (Switzerland)
– Sprint intermedio km 48: Gruber Stadler Ham Lena (Austria)

Final results:
1) Clara Copponi (France) km 66 in 1h47’42”
2) Susanne Andersen (Vaiano Fondriest)
3) Letizia Partenoster (Vecchia Fontana)
4) Elena Pirrone (Mendel Speck)
5) Laura Tomasi (Wieler Breganze)
6) Elisa Balsamo (Valcar)
7) Lisa Morzenti (Eurotarget)
8) Anastasia Cabonari (Vaiano Fondriest)
9) Justina Jovaisyte (Lithuania)
10) Kristina Stolbova (Zhiraf)