A big date in spring cycling in the province of Varese is drawing near. On Sunday 19 March, the 19th Trofeo Alfredo Binda, the true “springtime world championships” of female cycling, will take place between Taino and Cittiglio, together with the 5th Trofeo Da Moreno, opening race of the Junior Women’s Nations’ Cup, which was won last year by Holland, followed by Italy, France, Germany and Norway. So the enthusiasm of the female cycling world and of Cycling Sport Promotion, organisers of the two events, is more than justified. President of CSP, Mario Minervino shares his thoughts: “Ten years have passed since the Trofeo Binda – Comune di Cittiglio became part of the great world of female cycling, thanks to the Municipality of Cittiglio and its Mayor, Fabrizio Anzani. Following the global reforms and the cancellation of the World Cup, the race became part of the Women’s World Tour and is on a par with the men’s professional calendar. There will be lots of noteworthy details in 2017, starting from the 5th “Trofeo Da Moreno” – Mini-Trofeo Binda for junior women. This event was born in Cittiglio and was then launched in other countries that watch our competition with curiosity. Indeed the Unione Ciclistica Internazionale (UCI) used it to create the new Nations’ Cup circuit. The race will begin in Taino and finish in Cittiglio, it is technically challenging and will have an extraordinary impact. The route, through scenic landscapes, will be an advertisement for the territory. We will showcase our countryside, environment, beautiful mountains, lakes, historical towns and villages to a vast audience, promoting our area as the fantastic tourist destination that it is.

Many side events will also be organised and I would like to mention one in particular that is linked to our schools and first and second grade children: the “CYCLE, CYCLE… IN SAFETY” project, aimed at teaching road safety and promoting cycling among kids. I would like to thank the Administration of the Municipality of Taino and especially the Mayor Stefano Ghiringhelli. We have worked together for two years now and our collaboration will be intensified in 2017. I am grateful to all the Municipalities involved in the race, to the numerous Local Clubs, to the sponsors who support the event, and to the police, who guarantee the safety of athletes and public alike. A special thanks goes to the civil, military, sporting, political, social and cultural Institutions that flank us and give us moral and real support. Greetings also the media, especially RAI that will broadcast the race already on Sunday evening”. (Photo Flaviano Ossola)

19th Trofeo Binda – Comune di Cittiglio, UCI Elite Women, Women’s World Tour for the Elite Women’s category
5th Trofeo Da Moreno – Mini-Trofeo Binda, UCI Junior Women, Nations’ Cup for the Junior Women’s category
Taino Programme:
07.00 – 18.00: Race secretariat open
09.00 – 19.00: Press Office open to accredited journalists
08.00 – 08.50: Team presentation and signature of starting sheet for Trofeo Da Moreno – Mini-Trofeo Binda
09.00: Start Trofeo Da Moreno – Mini-Trofeo Binda
10.00: Angel’s Gospel Choir
Fanfare Bersaglieri A. Vidoletti di Vergiate
10.30: Legnano flag-flyers folk group
11.30: Raising of the flag official salute
12.30 – 13.20: Team presentation and signature of starting sheet for the Trofeo Binda
13.30: Start Trofeo Binda
Cittiglio Programme:
11.00 (approx): Finish Trofeo Da Moreno – Mini-Trofeo Binda
14.00: Music by Cittiglio “Amici della Musica”
Fanfare Bersaglieri A. Vidoletti di Vergiate
I Tencit di Cunardo Folk Group
Legnano flag-flyers folk group
16.45 (approx): Finish, prize-giving ceremony for the Trofeo Binda
17.30: Press Conference with the winner and leaders of the Women’s World Tour classification in the Press Room