On Thursday 19 March radio advertisements will be aired on Radio Number One to promote the Alfredo Binda Trophy, Women’s World Cup, which will take place on Sunday 29 March, starting from Laveno Mombello and finishing in Cittiglio after 123 km of excitement along Lake Maggiore and in the Valcuvia region. “Come and see the greats of cycling on the roads of Lombardy, in a special day dedicated to the elite of international cycling, a unique day for those who love the world on two wheels”, recites the ad which will be aired seven times a day, from 7am to 8pm. Radio Number One, which has been the official radio of the Alfredo Binda Trophy for years, is the perfect partner for an event such as the World Cup, attracting tens of thousands of people at the race start, along the route and at the finish. Various radio personalities will entertain the public at the finish line while waiting for the arrival of the athletes, in the most important female event in Italy in the first part of the competitive season.