With the month of March, the women’s cycling season gets off to an exciting start. On Sunday 20 March, the 18th edition of the Alfredo Binda Trophy for elite women and the 4th° Da Moreno Trophy, an international event for junior women, will take place between Gavirate and Cittiglio (both in the province of Varese). Both dates stand out in the world calendar which, this year, includes the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the World Championships in Qatar in late October.

The Alfredo Binda Trophy will cover a 123 km route, starting from Gavirate at 13.30. After a 5 km ride towards Bardello, the route returns to Gavirate, then continues on to Cocquio Trevisago, Gemonio and Cittiglio where a long 38 km lap will begin, passing through Brenta Casalzuigno, Cuveglio, Rancio Valcuvia, Cassano Valcuvia, Mesenzana, Grantola, Cunardo, Bedero Valcuvia, Brinzio, Castello Cabaglio, Orino, Azzio, Gemonio, Cittiglio. This will be followed by four laps of Brenta, Casalzuigno, Cuveglio, Cuvio, Orino, Gemonio, with the race finishing in Cittiglio. Tough points will include the Grantola climb in the first 30 km, the climb to Casale di Casalzuigno, which returns as a feature of the Alfredo Binda Trophy route, then the Orino ascent, 10 km from the finish line, which is included in the final four laps.

The Da Moreno Trophy will take place on Sunday 20 March, starting from Gavirate at 9.15 and finishing in Cittiglio after 66 km. Once the athletes reach Cittiglio, they will repeat the circuit from Brenta to Casalzuigno and Cittiglio five times, followed by the final 17 km through Brenta, Casalzuigno, Cuveglio, Cuvio, Orino, Azzio, Gemonio and Cittiglio.

Cycling Sport Promotion, the group responsible for organising the event, has received many manifestations of esteem and appreciation over the last few weeks, the most recent from Fabrizio Anzani, Mayor of Cittiglio: “As always, I would like to extend my personal warm greetings and those of the Administration to the 18th Alfredo Binda Trophy – Cittiglio Municipality, the unmissable annual date with top level elite women’s cycling that takes place on our roads which are known to a large cycling audience, and not only, thanks also to the memory of our great champion Alfredo Binda. I would like to thank the tireless Cycling Sport Promotion group, led by Mario Minervino, who have been working for months to ensure that we enjoy the show that the race usual offers. Cittiglio has become an important point of reference for world female cycling, a real font of concrete initiatives that are ever more appreciated at international level. The Cittiglio race is not only important for the athletes, the organisers and more recently for the “media”, but above all for the spectators and fans who get to enjoy a unique, top level competition.

I cannot neglect to welcome the 4th Da Moreno Trophy which will give visibility to the young athletes who will test themselves against a less difficult route than that of the elite riders, but which will certainly be compelling and stimulating in bringing out the strengths of new, young champions. Arrivederci on 20 March!” (Photo F.Ossola)