Trofeo Binda

“Trofeo Binda” and “Trofeo Da Moreno”: a sporting success story without limits

“Trofeo Binda” and “Trofeo Da Moreno”: a sporting success story without limits

Flying colours for the nineteenth edition of the Trofeo Alfredo Binda, the third race of the season in the Women’s World Tour, something of a cycling Champions League that includes all of the best races and attracts quite a lot of media attention around the world. The success was shared by the Trofeo Da Moreno in which the junior riders competed with extraordinary vigour. This competition has always been popular in Cittiglio, indeed it gave the International Cycling Union (UCI) the idea of launching a Nations’ Cup for this category: “It’s all thanks to this region which is fantastic from every point of view. – explains President of Cycling Sport Promotion, Mario Minervino – By now the whole province of Varese and its Institutions, from the Lombardy Region down, have understood the value of the work we do and the results we have achieved. Taino and Cittiglio are just two of the many towns that stand out but the entire territory deserves praise, here everybody chips in and contributes to the success of the events”. The numbers are very interesting: 25 teams took part in the Trofeo Binda for elite women, with 147 athletes from all continents represented. They came from: Australia, Belgium, Belorussia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Guam, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. There were 147 junior athletes from 27 teams at the starting line of the Trofeo Da Moreno, a record both for number of participants and for the number of national teams, which totaled ten, from: Austria, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and United States, as well as one Belgian, one Dutch and 15 Italian teams. Olympic, world, continental and national champions took part.

The race route, which started from Taino for the first time, passed through twenty-three Municipalities. Cycling Sport Promotion fielded a platoon of 90 people to assist in organising the event; 100 vehicles were used, including motorbikes and cars, and 400 volunteers guaranteed safety along the route together with 150 members of the local police forces. A total of 1,100 passes were distributed. Excellent media coverage of the event was ensured by 55 journalists representing newspapers, web, tv and radio, and including photographers and cameramen. RAI SPORT aired a 45-minute broadcast on Sunday 19 March itself. Material was also broadcast by 7 Sky TV channels, thanks to Photospeed Video Service. Two radio stations were tuned in to Cittiglio: Radio Due Laghi and the event’s official radio. To ensure that information was widespread, 200 guides for the athletes, 150 technical guides, 1,000 brochures, 10,000 flyers, 7,500 pamphlets and twenty press releases were produced and distributed.

About 1,100 people stayed in nineteen hotels in the area. About 8,000 spectators were counted at the finish line in Cittiglio. Five folkloristic groups were employed to entertain the public. These noteworthy numbers are further embellished by perhaps the most important numbers of all: “The best result relates to the children that were involved in the project “Cycle, Cycle in Safety” that keeps us busy in the months preceding the two races – said Minervino – 750 children were involved. With regard to the two races, we have once again succeeded in creating an event that was highly appreciated by both the workers and the public, who were numerous at the finish line in Cittiglio and along the routes of both races. The event meant that the tourist season opened early in the whole region and it was an excellent showcase for us, across the board. I must thank all of the associations, clubs and Institutions that supported us, as well as the police and volunteers. Thank you to everybody and see you soon at our next events”. (Photo Flaviano Ossola)

Spectators connected from 91 countries, compared to 77 last year.
20,662 clicks compared to 16,136 last year (+21,90%)
Clicks from abroad increased from 68,26% to 72,78%, with noteworthy increases from: Netherlands, UK, Sweden and Denmark.

The @TrofeoBinda Twitter account issued 140 messages on Sunday 19 March with 246,504 visualizations (twitter analytics) compared to 245,286 visualizations on 20/3/2016 (last year) and 127,043 on 29/3/2015.
Twitter followers grew to 1,787 (68% male and 32% female) from 1,421 last year and 1,001 in 2015. Profile views were 24,100.
Le visualizzazioni sulle 3 settimane twitter sono stare 346.000, 336.000 nel 2016 e 165.000 del 2015.

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Surprise win at the Trofeo Binda; US rider, Coryn Rivera wins – Italian champion, Elena Cecchini is fifth

Surprise win at the Trofeo Binda; US rider, Coryn Rivera wins – Italian champion, Elena Cecchini is fifth

Surprise final result at the 19th edition of the Trofeo Alfredo Binda that took place today between Taino and Cittiglio, with 147 athletes at the starting line, representing 25 teams from all over the world. The race was won by American cyclist, Coryn Rivera who beat Arlenis Sierra (Astana Women’s Team) in the final sprint, while third place went to Cecile Uttrup Ludwig. The race concluded with a sprint involving a large group of athletes; the race has never ended with such a large number of athletes. The sprint was so uncertain that two athletes raised their arms at the finish line. American rider, Rivera whose past involves sports as varied as soccer and mountain biking, was delighted with her victory.

Twenty-five year old Rivera is not unknown in the cycling world; she has won many national titles in her career, both on the track and in cyclo-cross, as well as numerous road races. Delighted with the day, the president of the organising committee, Mario Minervino commented: “Everything went wonderfully with two impressive podiums. Lots of people turned out along the route and at the finish line; it was a fantastic festival for cycling and for the region. Today we experimented with lots of forms of communication, from live streaming to web radio and we activated lots of social channels; the response was enthusiastic. I would like to thank RAI, an important partner, to whom I am grateful for everything they do to support female cycling in general and our race in particular. Thanks to the institutions, to all the Municipalities involved in the race and to the sponsors, invaluable friends of amazing sporting adventures”.

Elisa Longo Borghini is still the leader of the Women’s World Tour. Among the young riders, the category leaderis Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig. Longo Borghini explains the surprise result: “The level of female cycling in growing substantially and teams are now able to control the race. Bigla and Sunweb worked for their sprinters and their plan was successful. It is difficult for individuals to emerge”. (Photo Flaviano Ossola)

Final ranking:
1) Coryn RIVERA (team Sunweb) km 131 in 3h25’26” media km/h 38,348
2) Arlenis SIERRA (Astana Women’s Team)
3) Cecilie Uttrup LUDWIG (Cervelo Bigla Pro Cycling)
4) Chantal BLAAK (Boels Dolmans Cycling Team)
5) Elena CECCHINI (Canyon Sram Racing)
6) Annemiek Van Vleuten (Orica Scott)
7) Eugenia Bujak (BTC City Ljubljana)
8) Katarzyna Niewiadoma (WM3 Pro Cycling Team)
9) Elisa Longo Borghini (Wiggle High5)
10) Asleigh Moolman Paso (Cervelo Bigla Pro Cycling)

The fifth Trofeo da Moreno goes to Dutch rider, Lorena Wiebes while Martina Fidanza from Italy takes third

The fifth Trofeo da Moreno goes to Dutch rider, Lorena Wiebes while Martina Fidanza from Italy takes third

Holland, France, Italy made it to the podium of the 5th Trofeo Da Moreno that opened a day dedicated to women’s cycling this morning in the province of Varese. First to cross the finish line in Cittiglio was in fact the Dutch rider, Lorena Wiebes who beat Clara Copponi from France in the final sprint (Copponi won last year). Italian cyclist Martina Fidanza (Eurotarget Still Bike) took third place. The race started in Taino and was very entertaining with two athletes out in front for a long stretch; Noemie Abgrall from France and Giorgia Bariani (Wilier Beganze) from Italy. The latter won the prize for the most competitive cyclist of the race. The maximum advantage of the leading pair was 45 seconds, which they lost in the last 5 km. The final sprint saw the stronger Dutch rider, Wiebes prevail over Copponi from France and Fidanza from Italy. There is no change in the first place of the Junior Nations’ Cup classification after the first European race. Australia is in front ahead of France, followed by Ethiopia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. (Photo Flaviano Ossola)

Final classification:
1) Lorena Wiebes (Olanda) Km 69,6 in 1h45’18” alla media di 39,658 Km/h
2) Clara Copponi (Francia)
3) Martina Fidanza (Eurotarget Still Bike)
4) Letizia Paternoster (Vecchia Fontana)
5) Jessica Roberts (Gran Bretagna)
6) Jade Wiel (Francia)
7) Marta Jaskulska (Polonia)
8) Laura Tomasi (Wilier Breganze)
9) Noa Jansen (Lares Waowdeals)
10) Pfeiffer Georgi (Gran Bretagna)