At the Binda Trophy, second stage of the Women’s World Cup, the by now traditional town twinning festival between Camerota and Cittiglio will take place. This union was born after the war when migration north became common, thanks to the opportunities offered there by industrialisation. Cittiglio, in particular, was quite a rural area, situated next to industrial zones where plenty of employment could be found. The migrants from Camerota who came there found that it was not so different from the places they had left. The twinning between Camerota and Cittiglio has been consolidated over the last three years and the event becomes more popular every year. This year, themed evenings will be held both on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 March. But that’s not all: the athletes who reach the Binda Trophy podium will win a very special prize; a full week’s stay at the Happy Village in Marina di Camerota on the Cilento Coast ( This will give the lucky cyclists the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful marine locations in Italy. The Happy Village in Marina di Camerota has 257 Mediterranean style mini villas which are located between 200 and 600 m from the sea, with direct access to the private and equipped sand and pebble beaches.